Another conference is coming up, featuring two of our lab members (one current, one alumni). If you're interested in hearing about their research, go find them here:

August, 22th at 11:40 in Room: 302B, CNCC

Our former member Yi Han (now Institute of Hydrobiology, CAS) will present her new work on

"Conservation Practices are Pushing the Yangtze Finless Porpoise to an Even More Dangerous Situation in Poyang and Donating Lakes"

Session: T1-09 - Civilization and Ecology in the Anthropocene: Improving a Broken Relationship?

August 24th at 15:50 in Room: 301A, CNCC,

Hui Xiao will present on

"Achieving better management outcomes by understanding feedback structures from ecosystem function to biodiversity".

Session: T1-02 - Ecosystem-Service-Based Management: Science and Policies (II)

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